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Autumn, you are more prosperous than spring, you are more colorful than spring.


The golden autumn night is a good day for crickets to sing. Crickets raise their voices and sing to their heart's content. The rustling leaves seemed to accompany crickets.


Autumn is a quiet and graceful poem, with clear water reflecting the sky, clear night painting the moon, full of grace and restraint. It sings a note of heart into a paper style, so that the mottled mark tells the story of the long autumn.


Autumn may be hidden in golden rice ears, persimmons, rapeseed fields.


The surrounding plane trees had changed into yellow clothes, and approached to see that the leaves of the plane trees were half green and half yellow, as if they were in a summer green suit and would not take off.


Autumn is a dense water that cannot be melted. It seems to be lifted up and flowing through the fingertips. Autumn is an inextricable knot of chaos, which seems to be able to be unraveled but is again entangled. Autumn is a sweet honey that can't be given up and can't stand to ask for.


A few days ago, the summer was too hot to bear. Before she knew it, the autumn girl came to us. She took the hot tropics to bring the cool.


The wind cleanses your lungs and hearts, and the sounds of heaven stir your heart. As soon as the water flows, the sound of silk bamboo strings and the sound of song, you will know that you should go and see autumn.


In the golden autumn, the grass stood out beside the withered and yellow dead mother. It was green and tender, short and thin, like a few short green silk threads clustered together, as if it were so weak that it would blow down in one breath.


Even though the water is exhausted and the leaves are empty, the old age can still be varied. In spite of the hazy years, we can still find traces of the past.


Fall in love with autumn, but can not have her forever, always drift to, and often leave without saying goodbye. Always rejoiced by her coming, and always lonely by her departure.


The yellow and clear ears of rice hang heavy ears, cotton and peach like small trees, blooming like eggs. Ah, not paddy fields, but the sea of gold. It's not a cotton field, it's a silver world.


Some flourishing, from the green in summer, into the autumn poetry, breeze, overflowing the dew on the grass, flowing in the woods, those roadside flowers are no longer open.


The autumn harvest season, the sky is particularly high, especially blue, the clouds are particularly white and quiet, the sun is particularly bright and warm, the wind is particularly light and fragrant.


Autumn, left early. When the first snow is approaching, autumn's life is over, because it has never been so short. She left without taking anything or leaving anything.


Seasonal circulation, will eventually leave melancholy and feelings, as soon as the flowers blossom, as soon as the flowers fall, in the autumn wind, light pick up a languid, taste the situation of autumn, feel the long sense of autumn.


The grass says autumn is yellow; the pine says autumn is green; the flower says autumn is red; the pear says autumn is yellow. And the earth dressed up with fallen leaves says that autumn is gorgeous and colorful.


Autumn is like a magician, bringing harvest to nature, fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as a colorful world for us.


Floating leaves, clear ears of rice hang heavy ears, peaches and cotton like small trees, blooming eggs like florets. Ah, it is not a paddy field, it is a sea of falling leaves and gold; it is not a cotton field, it is a world of silver.


Autumn is coming and the fruit is ripe. Pears are yellow, apples are red, and grapes are shining.



When autumn comes, the sky is as clear as a sapphire washed in clear water.


The arrival of autumn brings people laughter for many years. How he wishes you could stay longer and make the friendship between them deeper!


It's also a season of falling leaves. The leaves falling in the autumn wind are always full of sadness. Whether when the leaves turn yellow and withered, they will float down, those scattered sadness appears so pale.


The golden autumn sunshine is warm and quiet, the autumn wind is gentle and gentle in Dong Township, and the blue sky and white clouds are elegant and melodious.


Out of the cafe, looking at the endless blue sky, feeling much more relaxed, not so, no longer so melancholy. I bought a pink flower named Lily, which represents my mood at the moment.


Flowering in hand, every leaf vein has a miracle, she recorded our life trajectory, some leaves fell and withered, some leaves grow again, perhaps the same is true of people!


Inadvertently scattered in a pool of autumn water, playing with the autumn halo of the pool, tapping a curtain of mind, autumn rain lingering, rain banana sound.


Walking into the fields is like being in the golden ocean. In the sunshine, shining, the sky and the earth are also integrated, everywhere is golden and yellow.


In autumn, poplar leaves turn yellow and hang on trees like small yellow flowers; they float in the air like yellow butterflies; they fall in rivers beside trees like golden boats.


Autumn girl came to the park, she woke up sweet-scented osmanthus and autumn chrysanthemum. The fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus made passers-by stop to and fro, and the splendor of autumn chrysanthemum made everyone intoxicated.


Although autumn has been a long time, but this summer hot day soaked in the odor of sweat all day taste, that touch, the feeling of a hot hand is etched in my heart, it seems that the aftermath of summer is still lingering.


Autumn wind is not an imagined executioner, it is only in the last moment of leaf life, let it experience the lingering love, the taste of flying.


As soon as I entered the orchard, there was a pulp aroma in the wind, ah! Really sweet! Look at that red persimmon, yellow pear, green orange are ripe!


Leaves floating in the wind, clouds in the sky, it is a kind of warm picture, a long-lost breath, life, a season, or a heart-beating person, a moment away.


Summer's picture scrolls are always too charming, while autumn's sketch has more connotation, and that touch of some heavy color is the aesthetic feeling of seasonal writing.


How have you been lately? Struggle and yearning, are afraid of you to hear, how to hide, infatuated with you, a gentle heart in the night sleeping alone, think of you, is my eternal language.


The autumn is cool, the blue sky is polished to a spotless glass, the clouds are snow-white, like milk.


In the sky, the changing leaves are dancing. In the mountain stream, the tinkling spring is dancing and singing. Are they silently blessing the autumn flowers? Or with the autumn flowers in the enjoyment of this quiet warm moment?


The late autumn sky is unusually solemn and bright. After studying, the sky is dark and mysterious. There are several stars in the high sky to decorate, which makes people guess: Where are the other stars?


In the late autumn of September, time passes by, time passes by in a hurry, looking back on a period of past events, like dreams, like smoke, everything just goes away with the wind.